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A Muslim youth of a Hindu minor was stabbed 34 times, his head smashed with a stone


New Delhi: A 16-year-old girl was stabbed 34 times in public in Delhi. Not only this, the killer stabbed the girl to death. The girl was on her way to her sister’s birthday party when the killer stopped her on the way and later started stabbing her. The entire incident was captured in CCTV footage. It was also revealed that some people were watching around at the time of the murder. When the crazed youth threw a stone at the girl’s head, her skull was cracked.

The name of the eccentric young man who carried out this whole carnage is Sahil Mohammed while the name of the girl is Sakshi. The killer fled after the murder, but the police tracked him down and arrested him. CCTV footage revealed that when the killing was taking place, people were passing by and some people were watching, but no one came forward to save the girl. No attempt was made to arrest the youths after the murder. All the spectators were watching the spectacle. The police said that both the killer Sahil and Sakshi were friends, though they had a quarrel for some reason before the murder. The preliminary report of the PM of the deceased witness has been issued. According to which the girl’s skull was cracked due to stone pelting. The police said that the entire incident of carnage in Delhi’s Shahabad has come to light. After the murder, the killer Sahil Mohammad went to Uttar Pradesh, from where he has been arrested. There are reports that the witness stopped talking to the young man, after which the young man met the girl for the first time and directly assaulted her. The family of the witness has demanded capital punishment for the killer Sahil Mohammad. Ramphool, the owner of the house where Sahil was staying on rent, said that Sahil had been living in my house with his three sisters and parents for two years. His father’s name is Sarfraz. Sahil never had a fight with anyone in our area.