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Unlocking the Secrets: PM Modi’s Foreign Visit Itinerary Revealed

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As Prime Minister Narendra Modi prepares to take his oath for the third consecutive time, the world eagerly anticipates his diplomatic agenda, especially his foreign visits. Modi’s international engagements have always been closely watched, given their potential to shape global dynamics and India’s position on the world stage. The Historical ...

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Putin’s Silence on Israel-Hamas War Sparks International Speculation

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Vladimir Putin’s Stance on the Israel-Hamas Conflict: A Global Crisis Unfolds In the wake of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, which has persisted for the past five days and has already claimed the lives of thousands, Russian President Vladimir Putin has broken his silence. In a significant statement, ...

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“High-Stakes Meeting in Moscow: Russia, China, and the Ukraine Crisis

2206429 Russia And China

Ukraine War: Russo-Chinese Diplomacy – A Path to Resolving the Conflict In a significant diplomatic development, the Russian Foreign Ministry has signaled a move towards resolving the ongoing conflict between Moscow, Beijing, the United States, and Ukraine. This statement comes after a meeting between China’s Wang Yi and Russian Foreign ...

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Unveiling the Global Impact: What Has PM Modi Achieved on the World Stage

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Union Minister VK Singh’s Remark: PM Modi’s Contribution to India’s Global Strength In a recent statement, Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways, General V.K. Singh, highlighted the significant impact of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on India’s cultural and global standing. He asserted that PM Modi has strengthened India’s cultural ...

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The G-20 Plot Twist: Russia’s Foreign Minister Applauds India’s Agenda

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India-Russia Relations: A Closer Look at the G20 Summit and Its Impact In recent international discussions, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov highlighted the shortcomings of Western powers in shaping the G20 agenda, particularly their failure in what he termed “Ukrainization.” This assertion was based on the joint efforts of member ...

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