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Putin’s Silence on Israel-Hamas War Sparks International Speculation

Vladimir Putin’s Stance on the Israel-Hamas Conflict: A Global Crisis Unfolds

In the wake of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, which has persisted for the past five days and has already claimed the lives of thousands, Russian President Vladimir Putin has broken his silence. In a significant statement, he has held the United States accountable for the failures of American foreign policy, asserting that the violence in the Middle East showcases a series of shortcomings. This article delves into Putin’s perspective, the international support for Israel, and the escalating situation in the region.

The Russian President’s Bold Critique

Russian President Vladimir Putin has made a striking accusation against the United States, criticizing American foreign policy’s inefficiencies in dealing with the Israel-Hamas conflict. He expressed his view by saying, “I believe that many would agree with me that this is a clear example of the failure of the United States’ policy in the Middle East. It attempted to mediate a solution but unfortunately did not pursue the path of finding acceptable compromises for both parties. Instead, it has fueled tensions on both sides.”

International Support for Israel

The brutality of Hamas has brought its heinous acts to the world’s attention, causing global consensus in favor of Israel. Various countries, including Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and Canada, have openly expressed their support for Israel.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s Strong Words

Amid the ongoing turmoil, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu engaged in a conversation with U.S. President Joe Biden. During this exchange, he made a stark comparison, branding Hamas as worse than ISIS. He stated that such barbarity has never been witnessed in history. Netanyahu urged Biden to treat Hamas in a similar manner, saying, “They are worse than ISIS, and we must respond to them accordingly. We have never seen such cruelty in the history of our nation. They have taken dozens of children captive, bound them, set them on fire, and killed them. They have beheaded soldiers and trampled on the youth celebrating their nature festival.”

The situation in the Middle East continues to escalate, and the world is closely watching the developments.


Vladimir Putin’s recent comments on the Israel-Hamas conflict have added a new dimension to this ongoing crisis. As the world grapples with the complexities of this situation, it is evident that the conflict remains a global concern.