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Putin Praises PM Modi’s Leadership: A Game-Changer in India-Russia Relations

Putin Praises Narendra Modi: Strengthening India-Russia Ties

An Insight into the Recent G-20 Summit Success

In a recent turn of events, the successful hosting of the G-20 Summit has catapulted India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, into the global spotlight. Leaders from around the world, be it Britain, the United States, Italy, or Brazil, have showered praise upon him. Some call Modi a boss, while others deem him the world’s most beloved leader. Amidst all this, Russian President Vladimir Putin has once again shown admiration for India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, referring to him as an extremely intelligent individual. Putin also acknowledged that under PM Modi’s leadership, India is making rapid progress.

Vladimir Putin’s Significant Remark

Russian President Vladimir Putin used the term ‘intelligent’ while discussing Prime Minister Modi during a program focused on financial security. He emphasized that working on the agenda of financial security aligns with the interests of both India and Russia. Putin also expressed his willingness to collaborate with India in the fight against financial security and cybercrime.

Strengthening India-Russia Relations

The friendship between India and Russia is several decades old, but it has gained even more strength through increased trade and cooperation since Prime Minister Modi assumed office. Although Putin couldn’t attend the G-20 Summit held in Delhi, India’s stand in support of Russia during discussions about the Ukraine conflict has once again solidified Putin’s admiration for PM Modi.

India’s Support for Russia

During the G-20 Summit, lengthy debates occurred regarding the Ukraine conflict. Many Western countries sought to condemn Russia, but India defended Russia’s position. India portrayed the Ukraine conflict as an incorrect representation of events, absolving Russia of blame. India’s stance was not as stern as Western nations had anticipated. In response, the Russian representative at the G-20 Summit lauded India’s position, viewing the joint declaration prepared under India’s leadership as a significant milestone. The strong ties between India and Russia have led to increased trade between the two nations. A recent example of this is seen in India’s crude oil imports in September.

India’s Crude Oil Imports from Russia and Iraq

According to reports, in September, India made its highest crude oil purchases from Russia and Iraq. Previously, Saudi Arabia was India’s second-largest crude oil supplier, but in September, India significantly reduced its imports from Saudi Arabia while increasing its purchases from Russia and Iraq. The lower prices of Russian and Iraqi oil compared to Saudi Arabia played a crucial role in this shift. India’s decision to prioritize Russian oil over Saudi Arabia’s reflects the strengthening of India-Russia relations and further solidifies Putin’s admiration for PM Modi.

Putin’s Previous Praise for Modi

This is not the first time Putin has praised Prime Minister Modi. Just last month, while addressing the 8th Eastern Economic Forum, Putin commended PM Modi’s “Make in India” initiative. Putin went as far as to say that Russia should learn from India. This recent remark, coupled with previous expressions of admiration, demonstrates the deepening bond between the two leaders and their countries.

In conclusion, the recent G-20 Summit has not only highlighted India’s global prominence but has also strengthened India’s ties with Russia. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership and India’s support for Russia during international deliberations have garnered praise from Russian President Vladimir Putin. This camaraderie is not only about words but is reflected in India’s economic decisions, such as increased crude oil imports from Russia. As the world watches, the India-Russia relationship continues to flourish, benefiting both nations.