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The G-20 Plot Twist: Russia’s Foreign Minister Applauds India’s Agenda

India-Russia Relations: A Closer Look at the G20 Summit and Its Impact

In recent international discussions, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov highlighted the shortcomings of Western powers in shaping the G20 agenda, particularly their failure in what he termed “Ukrainization.” This assertion was based on the joint efforts of member nations within the Global South Group. According to PTI reports, Lavrov deemed the G20 Summit under India’s leadership a “success” for several reasons, citing how its outcomes have paved the way for addressing numerous global challenges.

The Significance of “Global South”

The term “Global South” is often employed to describe developing and lesser-developed countries, primarily situated in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. India played a pivotal role in successfully brokering an unexpected consensus among G20 nations, including emerging economies like Brazil, South Africa, and Indonesia, regarding the contentious Ukraine conflict. This achievement underscored India’s significance in preventing the Western bloc from imposing its perspective on various issues, including Ukraine.

A Diplomatic Breakthrough

According to PTI’s press briefing, Lavrov emphasized that the G20 Summit’s declaration sent a clear message: military conflicts around the world should be resolved in accordance with the United Nations Charter. Western powers, he argued, would not be able to advance their own interpretations and solutions to different crises. He stated, “This G20 Summit is significant in many ways, providing us with a roadmap to move forward on several issues.”

Global South’s Unified Stand

Lavrov’s comments shed light on how the Global South’s unity prevented the West from centralizing the G20 Summit’s agenda on Ukraine. He pointed out that India, for the first time in G20 history, successfully rallied representatives of the Global South. This unity played a crucial role in thwarting Western attempts to divert the focus of the summit.

In his closing remarks, Lavrov expressed gratitude to India for its role in preventing the politicization of G20 efforts. His sentiment reflects the importance of India’s diplomatic influence and its ability to bring nations together in addressing complex global challenges.


The recent G20 Summit, held under India’s leadership, showcased the significance of the Global South’s unified stance in shaping international diplomacy. Sergey Lavrov’s remarks underscored how India successfully steered the summit toward addressing global issues in a fair and equitable manner. As the world grapples with various crises, the G20 Summit serves as a beacon of hope for multilateral cooperation.