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Gaza Under Siege: Israel’s Bold Operation Against Hamas Shakes the Region


Israel’s Aggressive Actions Against Hamas in Gaza Strip In recent developments, Israel has intensified its operations against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. This offensive comes on the heels of a significant surge in hostilities between the two parties. According to Israeli authorities, over the past 24 hours, the Israeli military ...

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A Tearful Diplomacy: PM Modi’s Remarkable Moment Amidst Global Chaos


India-Palestine Relations: A Closer Look at Recent Developments In recent times, India’s stance on the Israel-Hamas conflict has drawn significant attention. While nations like the United States and the United Kingdom have openly supported Israel, India has taken a more balanced approach, advocating for both peace and humanitarian support. This ...

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Hezbollah’s Message: Palestine Is Not Ukraine – A Warning to America

2307994 Hezbollah

Hezbollah’s Warning: US Involvement in Israel-Hamas Conflict Could Trigger Attacks on American Bases In a bold statement, Hezbollah has issued a stern warning, declaring that if the United States directly intervenes in the Israel-Hamas conflict, they will target American bases in the Middle East. This information comes from a report ...

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