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China’s Deceptive Moves at Bhutan Border: Unveiling the Controversial Village on Disputed Grounds

14 01 2023 China Bhutan Border DChina-Bhutan Border Dispute: Villages Amidst Talks

Amid ongoing border talks between China and Bhutan, a curious development has surfaced. Despite diplomatic discussions, China is reportedly constructing villages in disputed border areas adjacent to its neighboring country. According to the ‘South China Morning Post’ based in Hong Kong, at least three villages have been established in the contested region, as disclosed by officials from the powerful Chinese Communist Party. The construction is framed as part of a poverty alleviation plan, but it raises concerns about dual national security roles.

The Village Landscape

 The Remote Himalayan Village

In a distant Himalayan village within the disputed region between China and Bhutan, 18 Chinese citizens are eagerly awaiting entry into their newly built homes.

 President Xi Jinping’s Image

All houses in these villages bear portraits of Chinese President Xi Jinping, illustrating the strong emphasis China places on creating well-prepared villages along its borders with both India and Bhutan.

Planning and Preparation

 Well-Prepared Villages

China is actively focusing on crafting well-equipped villages along its borders with both Bhutan and India. The strategy involves meticulous planning and execution to ensure the success of this initiative.

 Absence of Political Ties

It’s worth noting that there are no political ties between China and Bhutan. However, officials from both countries maintain contact, with China successfully resolving border disputes with 12 of its other neighbors. India and Bhutan are the only nations without signed border agreements.

Diplomatic Efforts

 Establishing Full Diplomatic Relations

China has made efforts in recent years to establish full diplomatic relations with Bhutan and engage in speedy negotiations to resolve border disputes.

 Handling Border Issues

China has actively sought dialogue to settle border disputes with Bhutan and foster improved diplomatic ties between the two nations.

In conclusion, the construction of villages in the disputed border area between China and Bhutan raises questions about the dual nature of the initiative, serving both poverty alleviation and national security interests. While political relations may be absent, the situation calls for continued diplomatic efforts to address border concerns and foster amicable relations.