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Hezbollah’s Message: Palestine Is Not Ukraine – A Warning to America

Hezbollah’s Warning: US Involvement in Israel-Hamas Conflict Could Trigger Attacks on American Bases

In a bold statement, Hezbollah has issued a stern warning, declaring that if the United States directly intervenes in the Israel-Hamas conflict, they will target American bases in the Middle East. This information comes from a report by The Times of Israel and is in response to America’s decision to send its warships to aid Israel.

A spokesperson for the Iranian-backed Lebanese terrorist group stated, “Palestine is not Ukraine.” They added, “If America chooses direct intervention, all American bases within the region will be considered legitimate targets for our retaliatory strikes.”

The recent terrorist attacks in the region have raised questions about Iran’s involvement, with the US National Security Advisor, Jack Sullivan, stating, “We have always maintained that Iran’s extensive involvement in these attacks stems from their substantial financial support to the military wing of Hamas. They provided training, equipped them, and have maintained contact with Hamas for years.”

Sullivan also added, “All these factors contribute to the incident we have witnessed. As of now, we do not have any information on whether Iran was aware of this attack beforehand or had a hand in planning it. We are in regular communication with our Israeli counterparts regarding this matter.”

Sullivan further revealed that the United States is actively seeking information from its intelligence agencies about Iran’s involvement. He said, “We are trying to gather more information, and if we come across any leads, I will share them with you.”

Tensions Escalate in Israel-Hamas Conflict

The recent wave of violence in the Israel-Hamas conflict has claimed the lives of over 1,800 people in Palestine, with more than 1,000 of them being Palestinians. Israel, in response, has carried out a series of airstrikes in Gaza, resulting in the deaths of over 800 people. The United States has rallied international support for Israel and taken measures to counter Hamas.


The Israel-Hamas conflict remains a volatile and deeply complex issue, with potentially far-reaching consequences. Hezbollah’s warning of targeting American bases in the Middle East adds an alarming dimension to the already tense situation. The United States is actively investigating Iran’s role in the recent attacks and has vowed to support its ally, Israel.