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How to fit your child into the school environment

How To Fit Your Child Into The School Environment

[ad_1] Children’s mind is very sensitive. At a young age, they do not know the world except at home. They find it difficult to socialize with strangers. At the same time, children have to face many challenges when there are new admissions in the school. It is very difficult to ...

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That’s why dating a best friend is the best

That's Why Dating A Best Friend Is The Best

[ad_1] Everyone wants to get a good life partner. Many people search for a suitable life partner. Sometimes we start thinking that we are not the couple that we have been told by how many people we have dated. Instead of dating a stranger, date your best friend. Let’s know ...

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Women should not do these mistakes during menstruation.

Women Should Not Do These Mistakes During Menstruation.

[ad_1] Menstruation is a natural process for women. Girls usually menstruate between the ages of 10-15. But mostly girls suffer from it. Because they do not know how to maintain cleanliness during menstruation. There is a possibility of diseases due to this. Not only this, we have to be careful ...

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Menstrual Hygiene Day: Proper disposal of pads

Menstrual Hygiene Day: Proper Disposal Of Pads

[ad_1] Personal hygiene is very important in our life. Personal hygiene is as important as yoga and gym in a healthy lifestyle. It is even more important during menstruation in women. Proper disposal of sanitary pads used during menstruation is also very important. Disposing of sanitary pads is not difficult ...

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New study finds BCG vaccine may reduce Alzheimer’s risk

New Study Finds Bcg Vaccine May Reduce Alzheimer's Risk

[ad_1] Washington: A study on Alzheimer’s has shown that the TB vaccine Bacillus Calmette Guérin (BCG) can reduce its risk. It may also be beneficial in the case of associated dementia. In this regard, research published in JAMA Network Open has shown that the use of BCG vaccine can reduce ...

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