The Taliban even flogged women in public

No matter how moderate the Taliban claim to be, the real face has come to the fore. A similar punishment was given by the Taliban in 1990 in a stadium in Afghanistan on Wednesday. The people were called to the stadium by the office of the Governor of Logar. It also included tribal leaders, mujahideen and scholars. The Taliban publicly flogged nine men and three women.

Invitations were also sent on social media to those present during the sentencing. People were asked to assemble at 9 am. Punished persons received 21 to 39 lashes. The local court convicted him of adultery or theft. The officials of the Governor’s office gave information about this matter. Hundreds of people participated in the event, the official said. Officials of the Governor’s Office gave this information.

Officials said hundreds of people were involved in the event. However, there was a ban on taking pictures or recording videos at that place. The Taliban always talks about the implementation of Sharia. The deputy governor of Logar said Sharia law was the only solution to solve Afghanistan’s problems. Significantly, during the Taliban rule in Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001, stone pelting was used openly. After that America intervened and ended the Taliban rule. Today, after 20 years, the old situation has returned. The Taliban have retaken Afghanistan.