Vasant Panchami is celebrated a lot in Indian culture, all the auspicious events on this festival are conducted in Vanjoy Muhurta and most of the marriages are conducted in Vanjoy Muhurta of Vasant Panchami. This time, because of Vasant Panchami being a Wednesday, this Wednesday has been neglected in marriage ceremonies. Very few marriages take place because of the belief that Vasant Panchami falls on a Wednesday and brothers and sisters are not separated on Wednesdays. But the next day there will be grand weddings. Panchami will start at 12.35 pm on 25 January Wednesday. But Vasant Panchami will be celebrated on Thursday on sunrise date.

Due to Wednesday, there will be a slight difference in the auspicious time of marriages to be held on Vasant Panchami every year. Along with this, there will be events like Vastu Pujan, Guh Pravesh on Wednesday. Due to the eclipse ending on Wednesday on Vasant Panchami, there will be more weddings on the next day, Thursday. That’s why in these two-three days there will be echoes of marriage in every street of the city. Due to many marriages, slogans of marriage and Janaiya Mandavi’s cries will be heard everywhere in the city.

Along with the beginning of the first Gupta Navratri of Vikram Samvat.

Hindu scriptures include a total of four Navratris in a year. There are two Gupta Navratras in this. Gupta Navratri has started from Maha Sood Ekam on Sunday. The next Mahanavratri will last till Maha Sood Navami on 30th January. After this comes Chaitra Navratri which is spiritually, religiously important. After the Gupta Navratri of the month of Ashadha, there will come the Navratri of Aso month famous for Aadhyashakti Puja and Garba-Dandiyaras. In all the four Navratras, the worshipers of Shakti recite the story of Goddess Bhagwati, recite mantras, perform rituals, fast.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of weddings, there is silence in the event industry

The event industry has witnessed a slowdown in the last three years due to the Corona pandemic and the accompanying Corona restrictions. Concern had increased in many industries and sectors related to wedding planning including catering, mandap decoration, event organization, photography. However, this year the event industry is again in limelight amid wedding planning in the new wedding season. On Vasant Panchami, advance booking has been done for catering, decoration of mandap among many weddings. Along with this, there is competition regarding the schemes.