250 grams black gram flour

– 250 grams fenugreek

– 250 grams coarse wheat flour

– 500 grams ghee

– 3/4 cup jaggery

– 50 grams Triso (chopped)

– 50 grams ginger powder

– 50 grams cashews

– 50 grams almonds

– 50 grams dry top soil

for garnishing

– 4 teaspoon Topra powder


First of all, roast the urad flour in half the ghee on a low flame. Similarly heat the wheat flour in ghee and fry till it turns brown. Now heat the rest of the ghee again and add grated jaggery to it. Let it heat till two to three bubbles appear. Now add both the flour, ginger powder, Batrisu and all the ingredients and mix well. After all the ingredients are well mixed, take a ladle. And if you don’t want to fold it, pour the mixture in a greased plate and spread it evenly. Garnish with Topra flakes and let it set. When it cools down, cut it and store it in an air tight container. If the pan is bent, wash it in grated coconut and store it in an air tight container. Bones will be strong with this ladle and pain can be relieved throughout the year.