Wednesday , April 14 2021

Yogi government has run a gallop with good governance, cleanliness, transparency and fairness: Atul Garg

Ghaziabad:  Minister of State for Health Atul Garg has claimed that the four-year tenure of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has been spectacular. Historical achievements were made in every field during the tenure of this government. The per capita income in the state has increased from 45 thousand rupees to 95 thousand thousand rupees. The most important thing has been this government has galloped with service, good governance, cleanliness, transparency and fairness.
In a special conversation with Hindustan News, the Minister of State for Health said that previous governments did not pay attention to performance after independence. The current government has been focused on this only. As a result, the Yogi government not only succeeded in completing the work of its agenda but also in completing the works or schemes of the previous governments which the feast governments have left incomplete.
Atul Garg says that he feels that either the governments of the East did not know how to work or they could not work due to indulging in corruption. Instead of dedicating the work to the public, they used to make plans for their commission khori and left the work incomplete. Roads of the state are the biggest example of this. During the tenure of the previous governments, there used to be pit roads. Some ten kilometers were built in some places, in others, twenty kilometers were made, the rest remained incomplete. These incomplete roads were completed during the tenure of the Yogi government.
Atul Garg said that earlier there were big scams in the irrigation department in the name of cleaning canals. However, the Yogi government fixed its responsibility and accountability to the people’s representatives on this, as a result of which the canals were actually cleaned.
He said that more than one lakh ration cards were cut in the food supply department, which were made in a fake way. Action was taken against 3,500 people who ate the ration of the poor. At the same time, the sports department has become active, whereas earlier sports competitions were not held. Gyms were opened in every district. More than 2.5 lakh youths were provided jobs. Wheat was earlier used to buy eight lakh tonnes. In the Yogi government, 50 lakh tons of salan began to be purchased. Similarly, purchase of pulses and paddy also increased.
Minister of State for Health Atul Garg said that a lot of work has been done in his department. Today facilities are being provided in every government hospital, due to which the number of patients has also increased. The number of deaths due to Digamy fever has now come down to just 50. Major achievements like construction of NH 24 in Ghaziabad, construction of Metro, Mansarosar Bhawan have been done during the tenure of Yogi Government. At the same time, his goal is to provide a degree college, skill development center and fresh water supply in the next one year very soon in Vijayanagar.


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