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ISRO’s Green Revolution: How India Plans to Make Space Exploration Environmentally Friendly by 2030

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Exploring India’s Ambitious Space Endeavors: ISRO Chief Somanath’s Vision for a Malba-Free Space by 2030

 India’s Space Odyssey

Setting the Stage: ISRO’s Quest for a Cleaner Cosmos

India, through its esteemed space agency, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), has set forth an ambitious target under the leadership of its chairman, S Somanath. The aim is to achieve a debris-free space environment by 2030. Addressing the 42nd annual meeting of the Inter-Agency Space Debris Coordination Committee (IADC) on Tuesday, Somanath outlined India’s commitment to ensuring the sustainability of space exploration and utilization.

Understanding the Mission: Malba-Free Space Initiative

Defining the Mission: ISRO’s Roadmap to Space Sustainability

Somanath emphasized that ISRO has a clear plan regarding space exploration and utilization for the days to come. The primary objective is to conduct missions that ensure the stability of space through the removal of debris. “Today, we have 54 spacecraft in orbit, along with objects that are no longer operational,” Somanath noted. He highlighted the cautious approach ISRO is adopting, particularly concerning the disposal of spacecraft or termination of their active roles, which could potentially lead to debris.

Navigating Challenges: Ensuring Space Safety

The safe disposal of spacecraft is among the crucial topics ISRO is actively addressing. Ensuring that all spacecraft launched by ISRO are safely removed from orbit post-mission and brought to a secure location is paramount. This is one of the critical areas where ISRO is taking action.

Towards a Sustainable Future: ISRO’s Commitment to Space Ethics

Mission Assurance: ISRO’s Post-Mission Protocol

Somanath reiterated ISRO’s commitment to ensuring that all spacecraft launched by the agency are safely removed from orbit upon completion of their missions. This includes bringing them to a secure location after they have fulfilled their objectives.

Building for Tomorrow: India’s Space Station Ambitions

Looking ahead, Somanath discussed India’s plans to establish its own space station, the Indian Space Station, by 2035. ISRO will monitor the development closely as more space stations enter the arena.

Pioneering the Path to a Sustainable Space Environment

India’s aspirations for a debris-free space by 2030, as outlined by ISRO Chief Somanath, mark a significant step towards ensuring the sustainability of space exploration. With meticulous planning and steadfast dedication, ISRO continues to pave the way for a future where space remains accessible and safe for generations to come.