Saturday , October 23 2021

Wreaths offered to the devotees at Magh Mela on Maghi Purnima

Prayagraj: In the world famous Magh Mela, a helicopter was floated by the helicopter to welcome the devotees who took the Sangam bath on the occasion of Maghi Purnima. During this, the Ganga Ma’s Jayakare was also chanted.
Additional Superintendent of Police Magh Mela Dr. Rajeev Narayan informed that the arrival of devotees is continuing from Saturday morning on the fifth important bathing festival of Magh Mela. Bathing continues on the holy bank of the Sangam.
In the welcome of the devotees, the flower was rained by the helicopter from Akash Marg on Saturday around 10:30 pm. During this, the devotees are taking a dip in the confluence while taking a bath while offering flowers to the fallen mother Ganga as soon as the flower rains. A heavy police force has been deployed for security. Simultaneously, surveillance is being done with CCTV cameras.


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