Wednesday , October 20 2021

Weird News: Son made such a picture of mother, woman was watered with shame in front of hundreds of people

Weird News:  It is a matter of great pride for a mother when her little children make cards or draw for them. But for a mother, such a drawing made by her son became a matter of shame. This child studying in the nursery not only made a strange picture of his mother but standing on the stool in the school assembly, he also showed that picture to the whole school. The woman said that seeing such a picture of me, I was ashamed. I felt that this land should swallow me at this very moment.

Nude shown to mother in the picture 

According to the report of Mirror UK, this woman named Nikki Britton told, ‘My little Picasso made a nude picture of me in which he made my brown hair, made a big smile on my face and put shoes on my feet. Apart from these shoes, there was nothing else on my body. He didn’t even make clothes. When I saw the picture before it was shown in the assembly, it was too late and I didn’t have enough time to paint clothes in it.’


Nikki further said that I do not know what would be going on in his teacher’s mind when he showed me such a picture.


at least the shoes were 

When Nikki shared this matter on social media, a person wrote: ‘At least you were wearing shoes so you were not completely nude.’ Another user wrote, ‘You should get that photo framed.’

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