Friday , September 17 2021

Was once a waiter in McDonald’s today is a medal contender in Olympic Games

If women also get equal opportunity as compared to men, then history has been witness that they always get success. Something similar was seen this time in the Tokyo Olympics, the great Kumbh of the Games.

The biography of America’s Olympic long jumper Kunesha Burks is an example for every woman. You will be surprised to know that 10 years before reaching the Olympics, Kunesha used to work as a waiter at McDonald’s. But today she remains a medal contender for America in the Olympic Games.

Yes, when Kunesha Burks was 16 years old, she started working at McDonald’s due to her family’s circumstances. Burks began working from an early age to take care of her younger sisters. Although she knew McDonald’s was by no means a serious career for her, she worked there to support the family.

Burks saw many struggles in her life as her parents separated in her childhood and her mother had remarried. She used to take her to school and do a lot of household chores, despite being so busy, she used to play basketball games.

The long jump made a career after basketball games
Burks began running during middle school to strengthen his basketball game, although after playing several basketball state championships, Burks’ coach stated that she was too fast for basketball and wanted to pursue a career in running. needed.

Burks did not take these things seriously before. Then she learned the nuances of the game, so she started taking interest in the long jump. Although Burks did not know anything about this game, but still due to this game he got an Olympic ticket.

Burks was broken after grandfather’s death

Earlier in high school, she had jumped 13 feet and was just 3 inches away from the average, only a few months later she started jumping 20 feet. Her grandfather died before the 2019 US Outdoor Track and Field Championships, after which she was very broken and did not want to participate in the championship but her family encouraged her to take the championship, and Burks says That this incident made her mentally strong.

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