Sunday , September 19 2021

UP: Compared to last year, this time Haj pilgrimage did not come as many applications, know the reason



Only two days are left for applying in Haj 2021. The pace of Haj application is very slow this year compared to previous years. Prayagraj ranks third in the state based on the number of Haj applications filed so far. So far 162 online Haj pilgrimage applications have been filled from Prayagraj. Lucknow is in the first place. From where 203 Haj applications have been filled. The second place is Moradabad with 165 Haj applications. So far only 3729 Haj applications have been made in the entire state. Until last year, there were many times more online applications were filled in these days.

The online Hajj application for Hajj 2021 started with effect from 7 November. Not a single form was filled for the first several days. After this, the forms started filling up. December 10 is the last date for filling the online form from the Haj Committee of India. In such a situation, the sleep of the State Haj Committee is blighted by less applications. There are only ten districts crossing the 100 application mark. In addition to Lucknow, Moradabad, Prayagraj, 146 applications have been received from Bijnor, 137 from Rampur, 121 from Aligarh, 110 from Sultanpur, 109 from Jyotibafule Nagar, 104 from Bareilly and 103 from Gonda.

3328 Scrutiny applied

Along with the Haj application, the work of scrutiny of the filled form is also going on. Haj Secretary Rahul Gupta informed that 3729 Haj applications were filled online across the state till Sunday. Of which 3328 forms have also been scrutinized by the Haj Committee. 401 application scrutiny remains to be done.

Haj application date may increase

The last date for online Haj application for Haj 2021 has been fixed as December 10. According to official sources, due to the low number of Haj applications, more time can be given for online applications. The extension of the date on December 10 can be announced by the Haj Committee of India.

Top Ten Districts as per application

District Name Application Number

Lucknow- 203
Moradabad- 165
Prayagraj- 162
Bijnor- 146
Rampur- 137
Aligarh- 121
Sultanpur- 110
Phool Nagar- 109 Bareilly- 104
Gonda- 103

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