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Try these Ayurvedic remedies during pre-diabetes only, so the disease of sugar will not wander around

Pre diabetes is a part of metabolic syndrome in which the sugar level in the body starts increasing. The cases of diabetes and pre-diabetes are increasing day by day in India. The main cause of diabetes can be poor lifestyle. Pre-diabetes is associated with obesity, especially abdominal or visceral obesity and can lead to hypertension. Prediabetes patients have high cholesterol, due to which cardiovascular diseases increase. Let us know about the symptoms of pre diabetes and ways to reduce it.

There are no obvious symptoms of pre diabetes. But increasing the amount of sugar is associated with many diseases. In this, you feel excessively thirsty and urinate more often in the night time and wounds take longer than normal to heal. At the same time, some people have excessive eating.

People who are overweight are more likely to develop pre-diabetes. Due to the increase in sugar, many changes have to be made in the lifestyle. You can also adopt Ayurvedic remedies to reduce sugar.

Turmeric and Amla

Make a juice by mixing gooseberry powder and turmeric. Consumption of this mixture helps in preventing insulin resistance and regulates glucose in the body regularly. Using this mixture also prevents cataract and problems related to the immune system and other diseases.

Fenugreek seeds

The use of fenugreek seeds helps in controlling sugar in people with mild type – 2 diabetes. It also reduces insulin resistance. Fenugreek seeds also help in weight loss.

Pay special attention to your diet

Avoid eating junk food, fried meal, refined sugar, soft drinks, milk and fermented things in the diet. Eat more fruits and vegetables in the diet, which have a low glycemic index. Eat pulses and low fat things. Avoid eating processed food and red meat. You can eat chicken and lean meat instead.


Do yoga and exercise to stay healthy. Doing physical exercise helps in burning calories. Apart from this, increased sugar can also be controlled.

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