Thursday , October 21 2021

Troubled with tightness, TV actor sought help while crying, said- ‘I want to live, there was only one way left’

Many TV actors are going through an economic crisis in the Corona crisis. Many ended their own lives in the face of this disappointment. Meanwhile, in many television shows, actor Rajesh Karir, who plays small roles, has posted his video on his Facebook page and told about his tragedy. Savings of Rajesh Karir is over and he is facing financial crisis. He has requested people for help through video. They said that they want to live. And this was the only way left for this.

Rajesh Karir asked for help from the people and said, ‘Friends, I am Rajesh Karir. I am an artist. Many people will recognize me. The thing is that if I am ashamed then this life is going to be very heavy for me. I just want to request you guys that I desperately need help. The situation remains very delicate. I have been living in Mumbai with family for 15 years.

Rajesh goes on getting emotional and says, ‘I was sitting empty for a long time. There was no work. And for two to three months, the condition is getting worse. My humble request to you all is 200, 300 whatever help me. Because nothing is known when the shooting will start. And I don’t know if I will get work or not. Life is completely closed. Can’t understand anything. ‘


Rajesh Karir finally cried and said- ‘I want to live. Does not want to give up With folded hands requesting that if you have three hundred, four hundred help, I will go to Punjab. I’ll do something there. He will decide the time. Please help me. ‘

Rajesh Kareer has also written a message with the video with which he has also shared his bank details. Kareer wrote- ‘Friends, all I want to say is that you don’t want to lose life at any cost. This is the only way left with me. Please help me. Rajesh Kareer has appeared in serials like Begusarai, CID. Apart from this, he has also worked in films like ‘Mangal Pandey (The Rising),’ Agneepath ‘remake.

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