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Trouble for those working from home and online classes, digital eye strain is happening in the eyes! avoid like

Due to corona virus people are working from home. Salaried people are working from home due to work from home, while students are taking online classes. Now parents are forced to give laptops or mobile phones to the children even without wanting and children have started spending many hours in front of the screen. Due to the lockdown, people’s screen time has increased manifold, due to which people are now facing the problem of digital eye strain. This problem is coming due to spending more time on the screen.

In such a situation, know what is this digital eye strain and what are its symptoms. Also, you will know from the doctor how it can be avoided and in which situation it is necessary to consult a doctor. Know every single thing related to digital eye strain…

What is strain?

Dr Anjani Khanna, Senior Consultant, Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals, Delhi said that the problem in the eyes due to the screen is called digital eye strain. Actually, screen time has changed in this time of corona virus, due to which the eyes are getting affected a lot. Although people who spend 2 hours in front of the screen, they are at risk of digital eye strain, but in India this time has become an average of 7 hours. Because of this, there is more danger to the eyes from the screen.

How does it happen?

Doctor Anjani Khanna says, ‘It happens because of constantly watching the screen. For example, suppose you are looking at the screen from the wrong angle or if the screen is too close to you or the light of the screen is high and the light behind the screen ie the light of the room is low, then its danger is high. Also, those who look at the screen from the wrong angle, they also see it.

How to know?

Doctor Anjani said, ‘If we talk about digital eye strain, then the eyesight starts getting blurred in it. The objects that appear on the screen appear two by two. Apart from this, there are complaints of dryness, burning, redness, water in the eyes. Along with this, the symptoms of digital eye strain are tired eyes, headache, neck-shoulder pain.

Which people are most at risk?

According to the doctor, ‘Those who have thyroid problems and people who are on medicines for arthritis, they are more prone to it. Or if anti-allergic medicines are also going on, then these people are more prone to it.

How can it be saved?

The doctor said, ‘To avoid this, one has to follow the general rules, which include not looking at the screen for too long and taking breaks in between. Apart from this, the 20-20-20 rule should be followed. In this, after working for 20 minutes on the screen, look up to 20 feet away and then take a rest of 20 seconds. Also keep blinking your eyes in between. Keep the light low and keep the laptop or mobile phone slightly below the angle of the eye. Apart from this, keep in mind the way you sit.

Take special care of children

Actually, when children look at the screen, they blink less. In such a situation, take special care of them and give some rest to the children in between. Ask them to sit well and read keeping in mind the angle and ask them to reduce the entertainment time on the screen.

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