Thursday , October 21 2021

Today, the second lunar eclipse of the year will take place at this time, will be very different from other lunar eclipses

New DelhiThe second lunar eclipse of this year will take place on 5 June i.e. today. This eclipse will be a shadow lunar eclipse that is not given much recognition in religious terms. This eclipse will start at 11.15 tonight and will end at 2.34 at night.

How is this shadow lunar eclipse different from the actual lunar eclipse

Due to this religious eclipse not having much recognition in religious terms, religious activities will not be stopped during the lunar eclipse, while all religious works will be stopped in the actual lunar eclipse. Apart from this, the shadow of eclipse lunar eclipse will not affect the people as much as the actual lunar eclipse. At the same time, there will not be any thread in this lunar eclipse. Actually, the shadow lunar eclipse is not placed in the category of the eclipse. Therefore, like other eclipses, there is no thread in it.

Where will this eclipse appear

This lunar eclipse will be visible in Asia, Australia, and Africa including India. During this time, Chandra will be seen in its full size instead of being cut from somewhere. The Moon will be in Scorpio during the eclipse period.


What is a shadow lunar eclipse?

Actually, before the lunar eclipse starts, the moon enters the earth’s shadow. But when the moon comes out without entering the actual shadow of the earth, then it is called a shadow lunar eclipse. But when the moon enters the actual shadow of the earth, it is called a full lunar eclipse.

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