Saturday , October 23 2021

This actress has no money due to lockdown

All the people have faced problems due to the lockdown. And it has also had a profound impact on film industries. Tia Bajpai, who worked in film director Vikram Bhat’s film Haunted 3D and Evil Records, has faced a lot of difficulty between the lockdowns. She has also been in discussion due to her international music. Recently, during a conversation with a website, she talked about her friends and actors committing suicide, “This time is a very bad time for our actors and I hope this bad time is over soon.” Will be done.”

She said, “I can understand the pain of people who are hurting themselves right now because of the cash crisis because I saw the situation even after a whole week after the lockdown when I didn’t understand that What to do I had no savings. Of course, all the money had been spent and I could not understand what would happen to me now. ”

She added, “Because of this I went into depression and on my condition I spent the whole week crying. One day I called. My mother cried a lot and they asked me what should I do now. In March, I was about to travel for my international music with my entire team. I made all the arrangements out of my pocket. I paid all the money for the hotel. The room, from booking tickets for the entire team but everything, was canceled due to the lockdown and all my money was wasted. ‘

Tia continued, “When the lockdown was announced, I was surprised that day. On the one hand, I had invested all my money and on the other hand, I knew that there would be no work for the next 5-6 months and if there is no work there, where will the money come from me. How will I spend? However, at that time my friends took over me, and then we started working again online. Right now I am happy and working on my song. Hopefully, everything will be fine soon and we will be back to work. ”

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