Tuesday , July 27 2021

These things make the mind very weak, leave them consuming

You must have read and heard many times what should be eaten to sharpen the mind, but there are many such things which weaken the brain due to excessive consumption. Look, what are those things. Eating too much sweet or sugary things can make the brain weak. Sugar reduces the ability to remember and store things. It is better to keep a distance from the food items which are high in fructose.

In a research conducted at the University of Montreal, it was found that by eating too much junk food, the chemicals of the brain start changing. As a result, tension and nervousness start increasing in the person. By eating things like pizza, burgers, the hormone that produces happiness in humans, dopamine starts to stop. Depamine also produces memory and alertness, but if its quantity is reduced then the brain also starts to become weak.

# Eating fried fried things everyday is bad. In particular, fried wines outside contain chemicals, dyes, spurious flavors and preservatives that cause hyperactivity in children and young people. Due to this bad changes in nature take place. Such things slowly ruin the nerve cells of the brain.

# Artificial sweetener should also be avoided. People often use sweeteners instead of real sugar in the pursuit of weight loss. It is true that they contain fewer calories than sugar, but consuming them for a long time can lead to brain damage.

# Tobacco, cigarettes contain nicotine and its consumption does not allow the blood to reach the brain. Nicotine shows premature aging, increases the risk of cancer. It affects the process of making neurotransmitters because it tightens the small blood vessels of the brain which are responsible for the functioning of the brain. Due to this the brain is not able to work properly.

# Excessively salty food items make the ability to think weak. Excess sodium is not only harmful for the heart and blood pressure, but at the same time it can also destroy your intelligence. It is believed that consuming more salt and nicotine has the same effect as drugs.

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