The Chinese dragon was planning a dangerous conspiracy for a year, preparing for an infiltration like Kargil in Ladakh

New Delhi: China has been trying to fulfill its nefarious intentions for the last one year. He was preparing to infiltrate Ladakh like ‘Kargil’. The pictures from the satellite reveal the nefarious plans of the dragon. In the picture which has been revealed from the satellite, it is seen that the Chinese army had intensified its barricades in the middle of last year, 100 kilometers southeast of Pangong Show Lake.

The Chinese dragon started modernizing its military base there. China, which spread corona all over the world, started infiltrating Indian territory seeing the corona crisis in India.

China also built an airbase away from the Pangong Show Lake

Not only this, but China had also built a large airbase just 180 km from the Pangong Show Lake. Military equipment was assembled. China had gathered a lot of military vehicles in Nagri area. So that military weapons can be rapidly transported to the Indian border.

The latest picture has been released by open-source intelligence analyst Detresfa. China also started flying J-11 and J-1A aircraft at its airbase. China’s plan was to create tension on the LAC.


Fighter aircraft also started flying

It has been revealed from the released satellite pictures that China has started flying fighter aircraft at Ngari Gunsa Airbase. Along with this, many military vehicles have been assembled here. Right now talks are on to settle the dispute between the two countries in a peaceful manner.

The talks between the two countries took place in a positive and good atmosphere

Here, India-China (Indo-China) agreed that the two countries were peaceful in the Lush-General level talks in the Chushul Moldu sector on Saturday to overcome the deadlock that has been going on for almost a month in East Ladakh. Agree to resolve bilateral issues in a manner. Along with this, military and diplomatic level talks between India and China will continue to resolve the issues related to the border dispute. In a statement issued by the Foreign Ministry on Sunday, it has been said that the talks between the two countries took place in a positive and good atmosphere. Both sides also said that this year is the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. In such a situation, it was agreed that further negotiations would continue to strengthen the relationship.

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