Monday , August 2 2021

The biggest religion is the provision of food and their service to the poor: Anandiben Patel

Kanpur: On  the second day of the tour in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh Governor Anandiben Patel launched the ‘Apni Roti’ campaign. Inaugurating the campaign in Tajri, Jajmau, he said that there is nothing more than charity and the resolve to serve the poor with it is the biggest religion.
He said that, from his point of view, a very good name has been given. The eater will feel that this is my bread and I am eating only. With the word, someone is giving their bread and someone is eating, this feeling is not being displayed. He said that roti is the need of all and food can be available to all people, starting with ‘Apni Roti Abhiyan’ is a commendable step. Said that Kanpur is the industrial city of the state. That is why people come from far and wide to work in the factories here. The biggest problem of these people is to get away from expensive food in the metropolis and away from the area, but this problem of the poor has also been taken up by the city dwellers to overcome this problem. In view of this, now there will be plenty of food for five rupees and the poor will also get big relief.
Come forward to donate to roti campaign
The Governor said that, our ancestors have taught us to donate from our earnings and they do. Many people want to do so much for the society but in the absence of time they are unable to do it. In these circumstances, they do such work with mutual support. The way the work of our bread has started, everyone should do such pious work. For this, people should come forward and donate, so that the poor can get enough food for five rupees. During this time, the governor distributed food packets under the Roti campaign and motivated people to prevent and prevent corona. Hamidur Rahman, Asar Iraqi, Javed Iqbal, Ehtesham, Mandalayukta Dr. Rajasekhar, District Magistrate Alok Tiwari, ADM City Atul Srivastava, DIG Dr. Preetinder Singh etc. were present during the program.
Chief Minister Yogi took better steps to prevent corona
At the end of the program, Governor Anandiben Patel appreciated the decisions taken by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for the prevention of corona and their implementation. He said that in such a large state, the work done to prevent corona infection and still being taken for it is worthy. Said, it is good to always wear a mask.
Let us tell you that Governor Anandiben Patel visited Kanpur on Monday. On the first day here, she attended the convocation of CSA and CSJMU universities and in the evening attended the Ganga Aarti program on the land of historical Bithoor. After a night stay in the district, on Tuesday, Governor Anandiben Patel arrived at the ‘Apni Roti Abhiyan’ program in Jajmau Tennary and left for Lucknow.


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