The benefits of eating them vary according to the color of the bananas, know how

Bananas have about 100 calories. Not only is it consumed to keep healthy, it is also a cure for many diseases. Banana is very beneficial in many diseases such as weight loss, relieving constipation, keeping the digestive system correct, and in the treatment of sugar. People have different types of concepts regarding ‘perfect’ bananas. Yellow-colored bananas, dark-black stained bananas or green-yellow bananas are fruitful in different ways. Banana has different health benefits according to its maturity. Let us try to clear your confusion related to the advantages and disadvantages of bananas by color.

Green banana

The green banana is rich in high resistant starch. If you want to avoid foods with high sugar content, then green banana is the best option for you. It contains very little amount of sugar. In such a situation, it may not be tasty, but there is a store of many health benefits. It is also very beneficial for the digestive process.

Yellow banana

Many people consider the yellow banana to be the perfect banana. It is sweet and soft. It is also easy to digest. The green banana resistant starch turns yellow banana into sugar. It has more anti-oxidant than green banana. Patients with type 2 diabetes should avoid ripe yellow bananas because of the high amount of glycaemic index.

Black stained bananas

Black stains on ripe bananas mean that all the starch in the banana has turned into sugar. The more these stains, the sweeter the banana will be. Such bananas serve to boost the immune system. Anti-oxidants are also found in large amounts in this. These bananas are also helpful in protecting you from deadly diseases like cancer.

Brown done

We often throw brown or black bananas as bad. These bananas are said to be the powerhouses of anti-oxidants. It has the highest anti-oxidants against all bananas. Since all the starches in brown bananas have broken down into sugar. In such a situation, diabetes patients should avoid them.

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