Thursday , October 21 2021

Scientists claim, TB vaccine is currently most effective in dealing with corona, know why

The coronavirus outbreak is not taking its name. So far, 428,236 people have been killed by this deadly virus from China, while 7,732,485 people have been infected. The death toll in India has risen to 8,890 and 309,603 people have been infected. There is no cure for coronavirus. Although scientists are working day and night to find it.

Meanwhile, American researchers to fight the corona are studying the possibility of using tuberculosis and polio vaccines to protect against the deadly coronavirus. The Washington Post newspaper reported that tests were being conducted to find out whether the TB vaccine could slow down the effects of the coronavirus.

The TB vaccine is the only hope the newspaper quoted Geoffrey de Cirillo, a professor of disease resistance at the Texas A&M Health Science Center, as saying, “This is the only vaccine in the world that is currently used to combat the coronavirus.” can go.”

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According to the ‘John Hopkins Corona Virus Resource Center’ the infection has infected 75,00,000 people worldwide and more than 4,20,000 people have died. America has the highest number of people infected in the world with over 20 lakh 20 thousand, of which 1,13,000 people have died.

BCG vaccine can help help
Scientists from all over the world are trying to find vaccines or medicines for the treatment of this disease. Dr. Cirillo is spearheading the tuberculosis vaccine test known as BCG. He said that BCG has already been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and there is an old record of its safe use.

Polio vaccine is also an important
the report, according to a group of scientists proposed to use the polio vaccine to slow down the effect of Kovid-19. The group said that crores of people have used vaccines to protect against TB and polio and that they can be helpful in fighting the coronavirus.

Plasma therapy is also being worked
on. Many people who have been cured by doctor Kovid-19 are offering to donate their blood plasma to help cure other patients of the coronavirus. However, there are no authentic results about this yet. Scientists are now investigating whether plasma donation can already prevent infection in a person?

Hospitals around the world claim to treat thousands of coronavirus patients with plasma from healthy patients, including more than 20 thousand people in the US. However, much evidence has not been found about this.

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