Thursday , October 21 2021

Raw mango is also very beneficial in the summer season apart from avoiding the heat.

Carry or raw mango has many benefits during the summer season. Eating raw mango ie Carry salt does not cause a shortage of water in the body and prevents heat. Boiling raw mango and drinking its pan does not cause any heat. Raw mangoes contain vitamins-A, C, K and E, folate, calcium, phosphorus, omega-3, and magnesium and fiber. Carry leaves, kernels, etc. are all useful.

Prevention from diseases of the blood: Due to having vitamin-C, it makes the blood vessels flexible and improves blood circulation. It also helps in the formation of new blood cells.

Remove acidity, cure digestion: By its use, the stomach gets cold. Prevents diseases caused by bad food and drink.

Increase immunity: Its use in chutney or vegetable increases the taste as well as increases immunity.

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