Friday , September 17 2021

Rats become addicted to drugs, unconscious due to eating more leaves of hemp in the field





New Delhi: You must have known about Ganja which is used by many people for drugs. The intoxication of Ganja is not only pleasing to humans but also to animals. A rat got so addicted to it that he became unconscious there due to taking a large amount of it.

Actually this incident is from Canada where the hemp plant was continuously stolen from a man’s house. One day, he saw that in his small farm itself, the rats ate so many leaves of hemp and fainted from intoxication. Explain that in Canada, people are allowed to grow cannabis in their homes in fixed quantities.

A person named Colin gave information about this entire incident on his social media account Facebook. He shared the pictures and wrote, For two days this little mouse was stealing a leaf from his hemp plant. He kept doing this until he fainted while taking it. It is clearly seen in the pictures that the rat is sleeping upside down after eating the leaves of the hemp plant and has no consciousness.

According to Coleen’s post, the rat had become addicted to marijuana in a week. He thought of leaving the mouse in the forest, but even then the rat reached there because he started liking the hemp too much.

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