Saturday , April 17 2021

Prive World Box Office on &PrivéHD: A new foreign title every Friday airing for the whole week

Mumbai: Privé World Box Office on &PriveHD brings must-watch movies from around the world. The movies are pure entertainers with familiar themes, in a foreign language and some have not seen a theatrical release nor have any presence across any platforms in India.

Catch a new foreign title Every Friday, airing for the entire week, every day at 9 PM.

Mandarin Movie ‘The Farewell’ airs this Friday, April 02

Internationally Acclaimed Mandarin Film ‘The Farewell’ Starring Bafta Award Winning Actress Awkwafina is a movie about a family’s efforts to shield their elder grandmother from a grim reality also talks highly of the differences and understanding that exists between generation gaps in a family. In this delightful tale of family fondness and close cherishment with a spruce of witty humour, the movie is entirely characterised by the close bond that ties everyone together in health and happiness.

Check out the trailer here: 

German film ‘Resturlaub’ airs April 09

The movie is based on the novel of the same name follows  Pitschi played by Maximilian Brückner who flees from a mutual holiday with his girlfriend on Mallorca only to escape to Buenos Aires and from the responsibilities of having a baby and building a house.

Check out the trailer here: 

Spanish Western Action Film ‘El Mariachi’ airs April 16

A travelling mariachi is mistaken for a murderous criminal and must hide from a gang bent on killing him.  The movie preserved as part of its National Film Registry for being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant” led to a sequel of films that saw prominent success.

Check out the trailer here:

Norwegian drama film, ‘Utøya: July 22’ airs April 23

Based on a real-life terrorist attack, the movie focuses on a teenage girl who struggles to survive and to find her younger sister during the July 2011 terrorist mass shootout that took place in Norway.

Check out the trailer here: 

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