Preity Zinta became a hair stylist, husband Jean did a ‘GoodAnf hair cut’ in lockdown

New DelhiBollywood actress Preity Zinta became a hairstylist from the actress in lockdown and did a haircut of her husband Jean Goodenough. Preity says that she has done this job well because Jean looked very happy with her haircut. Preity Zinta shared a video on Instagram, in which she can be seen cutting Jean’s hair using a trimmer. In this clip, he can be heard saying, ‘This can either improve my married life or break it. Hair cut at home.


In the caption of the video, Preity Zinta writes, ‘I have come to know that he really believes in me because he let me cut my hair. I hope that I will be successful in doing this work well or else..I don’t even want to think about it. Pray that I can give Mr. Goodenough a ‘Good Enough Hair Cut’. HashtagLockDownHaircut Hashtagapathypharmeshwar HashtagHaircut HashtagQuarantine Hashtagting. ‘

Preity Zinta also shares a picture of herself after getting a haircut, in which both of them are seen smiling. With the picture, Preity Zinta writes, ‘Hair cut was successful. Husbands have been happy. I am relieved and thrilled too, so what do you think friends? Did hair cut right? Whose turn is it now? Hashtagapatihparmeshwar Hashtaghaircut Hashtagjuga HashtagmisterGudenf Hashtagting. ‘

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