Tuesday , September 28 2021

Post went viral in Bollywood influencers, names of famous actors associated with a particular brand

Here comes an interesting report from one of Instagram’s top film influencers, who claim themselves to be the biggest film gossip in the industry and a paparazzi, unmatched in today’s digital world. In one of the latest posts, we have seen him in the in-house shoot, telling him about one of the biggest superstars of Telugu cinema claiming that he apparently masquerades as “Paan Bahar”. Used to be.

The frame published in this Instagram feed/story gives us an idea that the iconic personality is sitting on a chair, and a dim blue-colored box with yellow markings can be seen in one corner. At first glance, it looks like it is paan bahar and they are embarking on a fresh attempt to revamp their brand with some new campaign.

Also, likewise, another prominent Bollywood influencer also claimed the new heartthrob, a superstar “Tiger Shroff” was also spotted. According to his insider sources, he spotted Superstar Tiger with Paan Bahar on a shooting set, but could not find any feeds or story links that linked the product or placement with the same information.

However, things are getting even more concrete as an influencer has announced that Universal Star “Nani” aka Mahesh Babu, who has the largest number of followers in the Telugu industry, is also seen flexing his muscles in a soft drink ad. Was seen.

Now the biggest twist in this story is to decide which is true and which is false. Because if anyone is to be believed then surely Mahesh Babu will be seen in an advertisement for the first time in the North Indian market and this may also mark his long-awaited entry into mainstream Bollywood. But, if Tiger Shroff is one, it will be interesting to see how the big brand will use him against other players in this category. However, if both these known sources are correct then it will definitely be a big deal as we will be seeing a mix of Bollywood and regional cinema in the same frame after a very long time. The last such pair was Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and superstar Rajinikanth.

However, we also tried to get in touch with the Pan Bahar team to verify the news but did not get any further information, so for now, we can only wait and see.

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