Friday , July 30 2021

Parents must do this work at the time of daughter’s farewell, Ladli will always be happy

It is often said that daughter is foreign wealth, no one wants to send their daughter to another’s house. But the farewell of the daughter is the duty of every father. At this time the atmosphere of the whole family is gloomy but there is also happiness in the mind for the new beginning of the daughter’s life. There are some measures which parents should do at the time of daughter’s farewell, then by doing these things, the daughter will be happy in her in-laws’ house and her life will remain happy.

Parents must do this work

# At the time of the daughter’s farewell, she should take some vermilion from her mother and fill the same vermilion in her in-laws’ house in her demand because by doing so good luck increases and her husband loves her.

# On the first visit of the daughter-in-law to her in-laws’ house, she will have to take a coconut from her parents’ house and install it in her house of worship and regularly worship this coconut. 

# For the first time after marriage, when the daughter goes to her in-laws’ house, she should give 7 turmeric balls of her house to her parents. Keeping it in a cupboard tied in a yellow cloth brings prosperity in wealth

# Married woman should take 7 whole turmeric balls, a piece of brass, a little jaggery and put it on the door of the in-laws’ house because by doing so the in-laws love the daughter and respect her.

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