Saturday , April 17 2021

Pakistani actress told the black truth of the industry, got it instead of the bid-roll …

The film industry and casting couch have a very old relationship. In the coming days, actresses from Bollywood and the Hollywood industry make revelations about the casting couch. Some stories even surprise the fans. The actress, who looks happy and bold on the screen, sometimes goes through this thing, but if someone reveals it, then someone is silent.

Recently a similar case has come up. But it has not come from Bollywood or Hollywood but the Pakistani industry. Pakistan’s popular TV actress Saba Bukhari has made a shocking revelation about the exploitation she has done. Let me tell you that you must have seen Saba in many famous shows as well.
Asked for gold in place of role offer

Saba Bukhari revealed in a recent interview that she was asked to sleep in exchange for a roll offer. In her interview, Saba further says, ‘I got a call from the makers after giving me a role in a serial. So they told me that the role has become yours. We will also give you a good payment for this, but in return, you will have to pay something. I felt that they needed money in return, so I said yes if you want money, don’t pay me. ‘

When the ground slipped

That call did not end, but Saba further said that ‘But he refused to do so. Then they asked me to sleep with them. Hearing this, the ground had slipped from my feet and I immediately cut the call.
Casting Couch was also revealed on Instagram

Let us tell you that earlier, Saba had also revealed a casting couch in her gestures by sharing a picture on her Instagram. Saba shared his picture and wrote in the caption with it, ‘He told me,’ You are not so confident that you can go ahead in the media. The issue is that you are a good girl and good girls do not work in this field. How can it be that no one has attached you? Why should we give you work and also give money while girls here are also ready to sleep for work? ‘

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