Pakistan confesses ‘truth’ … government channel PTV considers Kashmir part of India

New DelhiThis says that Pakistan has been mobilizing global sympathy by propagating lies ever since its existence. One such issue is Kashmir (Kashmir), on which the rulers of Pakistan have been tricking their people and the world by making false claims. It is a different matter that inside too, they also know that Kashmir is an integral part of India. Probably this is the reason why Pakistan’s official TV channel PTV served ‘truth’ this time, describing Kashmir as an integral part of India. However, not only did the PTV have to be clarified as soon as this ‘truth’ came to the fore, but it also had to talk about the person responsible for it.

PTV has accepted ‘human error’ and assures action
that PTV was showing a program regarding the population of Pakistan. In this program, while talking about statistics, Kashmir was declared as part of India. Apparently, after this ‘truth’ surfaced on government TV, the ISI and the Pakistan Army including Pakistan’s rulers were stirred up. As soon as there was a troll on social media, the whole case was started to smudge. In a hurry, PTV had to be cleaned. Government TV issued a statement saying, ‘PTV management has taken strict cognizance of showing the wrong map of Pakistan due to human error. The PTV MD has said that his organization does not consider such a crime to be excusable. They have assured that strict action will be taken against the culprits.

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