Tuesday , July 27 2021

OMG! This man eats lizard, you will be stunned to know the reason

Often you must have seen people on television eating chameleons, lizards, snakes and insects. But there is a person in India who cannot live without drinking lizard soup.

Kailash, who lives in Maina village of Madhya Pradesh, is a very fond of eating lizards. Because of which people also call him poison man.

# Kailash eats lizard by boiling it for almost 20 years. Not only this, the water in which the lizard is boiled, he drinks that water daily.

Till now he has tasted more than 60 types of creeping creatures and insects. The poison of poisonous creatures no longer affects it. This is the reason that if a snake bites someone in the village, then Kailash saves the lives of people by sucking the venom of the snake.

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