Sunday , September 19 2021

New update on Google Chrome browser, browsing speed increased

New Delhi: The world’s top information technology company Google has given a new update to its Chrome browser. After the new update, users will be able to view the preview of a page before opening it. This update has come on the Android version of Chrome. According to the report, Google Chrome has also added the option of preview page to the menu found for a page. This means that you can now know what it looks like even without opening a page. With this new update, users will also save data over time.

When a user long presses on a link, then the preview page option will appear. This option will be present between Open Incognito mode and Copy Link. The preview page will also state the website name, and domain. A separate button is also provided to open the page in a new tab. After viewing the preview page, one has to press the X button at the top-right to close it. A new update of Chrome has been made available on Android version 89. With this latest update, memory management of Chrome has also improved, due to which it will run 13 percent faster. According to the report, the company was working on this feature for the last 2 years. Google started testing previews in the year 2018.

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