Sunday , April 11 2021

Neha charges a hefty amount for a song, even when busy, she does not forget to do this work

There is hardly anyone who does not know Neha Kakkar. This bubbly singer wins everyone’s heart with both her voice and style. Neha has not gone to singing school to date, but her voice makes everyone crazy.

They all know that Neha worked hard for the place she is today. At one time Neha’s family did not have money to eat food and today Neha earns crores. With this, let us know that every year Neha’s earnings increase by 32 percent. Yes, Neha’s net worth is $ 4.5 million in Indian currency at 33 crores. Neha charges 15-25 lakhs to produce a song. Neha has sung more than 100 Bollywood songs till now.

Neha is also a social worker. She denotes money for orphaned children and is always upfront to help any needy. Neha is active on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube but she likes Instagram the most. Neha is also fond of taking selfies, only then she is also called selfie queen.

You will be surprised to know that Neha loves the Doraemon cartoon very much. She also plays Candy Crush on her phone in her Free Time. The singer loves South Indian food very much.

There is also no shortage of luxury cars near Neha. They have an Audi Q7F price of Rs 72.1 lakh, BMW price of 40-50 lakh. Neha also has luxurious homes in Mumbai and Delhi. Neha continues to dominate social media, calling it generosity or cuteness.

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