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Nationwide bomb blast warning, PM Modi’s death threat too, mail sensation

Bomb Blast Threat: A person from Pune has created a sensation on his social media after a mail threatening to blow up Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to carry out bomb blasts in various places in India.

  • Threatening mail to person in Pune
  • Bombs will explode across the country
  • Threatened to kill Modi too
Pune: An unknown person has issued a death threat to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on a website. Also, the threat carries the message of blasting a huge bomb in India and destroying Hindu religion and Hindu women. After the police control room came to know about this, a case has been registered against the unknown person.While taking his son to a reputed hospital as he was not feeling well, Rahul Tayaram Raghunhe received a message on his social media from MAmokheem [email protected] on his broadcast site “”.

In which it was mentioned that I am planning a serious bomb blast in India. (I will plan serious bomb blast in India) I am funding terrorist organizations. (I will be funding terrorist organization.) I will spoil Hindu women & Hindu religious and I will kill Prime Minister Narendra Modi (I will kill Prime Minister Narendra Modi) After receiving such messages, Tayaram Raghu Contacted the police control room

The police took serious notice of the matter and visited the person at a reputed hospital. After visiting Tayaram Raghunhe, the police understood all this and filed a complaint. Rajesh Krishnaji Shelke Police Naik has filed a complaint.

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