Wednesday , October 20 2021

Men can suffer this harm by keeping a smartphone in the pocket of pants, know

Nowadays everyone uses a smartphone but excessive use of gadgets affects your sex life. The smartphone is becoming the most dangerous in this. By placing the phone in your pocket, you are inviting danger for your future.

How mobile effects sex life:

New research has revealed that having a smartphone in the pocket of the pants, especially in the front pocket, reduces the sperm count of men, which greatly affects their fertility and foreplay during sex.

In this research, 600 such people were forgotten, who had mobile addiction, which means they always have the habit of keeping a smartphone. In 600 out of 425 people it was found that they ejaculate very quickly during sex. The interest of such men also decreases in sex.

From now on, hold your smartphone in your hand in a wallet or in a pouch. Keeping the smartphone in the chest pocket is also considered bad for health. There is a risk of a heart attack due to the dangerous waves emanating from the mobile.

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