Thursday , October 21 2021

Learn in 10 POINTS what is going to change across the country from today

New DelhiLockdown India is going to unlock from today due to Corona Virus. The government is gradually going to open public and business activities. However, the risk of coronavirus has not reduced yet and its cases are coming in most in the country right now. On the other hand, the government argues that now the country cannot be kept closed for more days. It is not that there is no chance of death due to hunger in the rescue of coronavirus. Therefore, the government is gradually coming forward to open the business. Learn in 10 points what is changing in the country from today which will bring a change in our life:

  1. Shopping malls, religious places, hotels, and restaurants are going to reopen in the country from Monday after the lockdown for two months, in which the token system for entry will be adopted under the new rules. There will be no distribution of ‘Prasad’ etc. in temples.
  2. According to the central government guidelines, going to shopping malls, hotels, and restaurants and religious places will not be as easy as before. The mall will have cinema halls, gaming arcades and children’s play spaces in the restricted area as before.
  3. The Punjab government has adopted a system of giving tokens for entry into malls. Some religious places in Gujarat have introduced a token system for devotees so that the law of social distance is followed.
  4. Malls, restaurants, and religious places will open in Delhi but hotels and banquet halls will remain closed as we may have to convert them into hospitals in the coming times.
  5. Syed Ahmed Bukhari, the Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid in Delhi, said, people have been asked to do the Vayu in their house before coming to the mosque for Namaz. People will bring mat from their homes for Namaz. Marks have been made on the floor to keep a distance from each other’s bodies. He said that the elderly, children, and sick people will not be allowed to visit the mosque.
  6. The Union Ministry of Culture has approved the opening of 820 centrally protected monuments under the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) from today.
  7. It has been decided to keep churches and mosques closed for some more time in Goa and Maharashtra.
  8. Manjinder Singh Sirsa, chairman of the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee, said that the Transmutation Tunnels have also been established in Sisganj, Rakabganj, and Bangla Sahib Gurdwaras. Entire campuses are being regularly de-infection.
  9. In gurdwaras, people will not be given a cloth to cover their head, they will have to put their own cloth on the head. Handling of shoes and slippers will not be done in the gurudwara and infection-free water will be used to clean the feet. The devotees will not be allowed to sit in the gurdwaras and will have to go out soon after performing the Ardas.
  10. Bishop Anil Couto, Delhi, Archdiocese said that the churches under the Roman Catholic Church will not open immediately from Monday.

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