Sunday , September 19 2021

Know what the yellow and white line is drawn on the roads

Knowing the traffic rules is very important to walk on the road. Many yellow-white lines are seen while walking on the road, they are of different designs with two colors. Even though you see them every day, do you know what they mean?

# Solid White Line:- It means that you do not have to change your lane, keep going on the lane you are walking on.

# Broken White Line:- White lines made at a certain distance in the middle of the road instruct that lanes can be changed here.

# A solid yellow line:- Passing and overtaking can be done under this line, but you have to overtaking without crossing the yellow line. Along with this, different rules have been made in different states of India regarding this.

# Two solid yellow lines:- Here you cannot pass or overtake.

# Broken Yellow Line: You can pass on this line but with caution.

# Broken Yellow Line with Solid Yellow Line:- If you are driving from Broken Line then you can easily overtake, but if you are driving from other side then you cannot overtake. 

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