Thursday , September 23 2021

Japanese researchers begin work on the development of human cells in the womb of animals

Tokyo: The government has announced government assistance for a special research to a famous stem-cell scientist from Japan. The scientist is working on that technology, with the help of which human cells can be developed in the womb of animals. That is, animals can be used as a surrogate mother.

In the world of science, man is experimenting more than one. Processes that were considered difficult and at one time impossible, such as prosthetic organ transplantation, are now becoming commonplace. Scientists are thinking of further progress in this series. A scientist named Hiromitsu Nakochi, the leader of stem cells at the University of Tokyo in Japan, has been allowed by the Japanese government to conduct experiments on the development of human embryos in the womb of animals.

The scientist along with his team has started work on this project. Their plan is to first develop human cells into the embryos of mice and then implant that embryos into the womb of surrogate animals. The real purpose of this experiment is not to make human babies, but to produce animals whose body parts are made of human cells so that they can be implanted in needy humans. Before Japan, many countries have rejected such a project, calling it a blossom. America is also one among them.

Such efforts were going on in the laboratory in the US before 2015, but then the National Institutes of Health had banned such projects, calling it wrong. At the same time, Scientists of Japan are challenging the natural process and are engaged on the project of taking the birth of a human from the animal’s womb. If it can be done then it could be one of the biggest feats of science. Scientists of Japan have also prepared a blueprint for how to execute this project. Initially, human cells will be developed in the uterus of the rat. A later stage will see the possibility of serogens in the animal’s womb.

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