Tuesday , October 19 2021

Israel preparing to buy Corona vaccine from America talks almost complete

New Delhi: Almost all the countries around the world are in the grip of coronavirus at this time and are waiting for its vaccine. Meanwhile, the news is coming that American pharmaceutical company Morgana has reached the final stage of making the vaccine. It is also being told that Israel is preparing to buy this vaccine. The Israeli government is in talks with Morgana.

Israeli media has given information about this, as well as it has been learned that the Israeli Ministry of Health has refused to say anything about this at the moment. On the other hand, it is being told that Morgana is going to conduct a clinical trial of the vaccine on 30 thousand people in July.

According to media reports, Mordana Therapeutics is making a vaccine that will increase the immunity potential of humans and help fight the corona.

How will this vaccine work?

According to media reports, this vaccine will prevent the coronavirus from spreading in the body. For this, Mordana has prepared to put weak wares in the human body so that the body develops immunity towards it.

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