Thursday , October 21 2021

Investors lose Rs 3.5 lakh crore in 5 minutes of market opening, BSE and Nifty fall drastically

Mumbai: US (America) in the Central Federal Reserve Bank of the economy (Economy) issued concerns the impact of the full estimates came as a sharp decline in global stock markets (Stock Market Crash). Indian home market could not be saved from this decline. As a result, on Friday, the last day of the week, the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) 30-share benchmark index Sensex (Sensex) has fallen 800 points to 32785. At the same time, NSE’s major benchmark index Nifty 200 points fell to 9,687 level. Experts say that due to the steep decline in the US stock market, there has been a sharp sell-off in Asian markets. For this reason, the Sensex-Nifty has also rolled. Investors have lost Rs 3.5 lakh crore in 5 minutes of market opening. Due to Corona, there is a huge decline in crude oil. Brent has slipped 8 percent to close to $ 37. Increasing reserves in the US are also seeing pressure on prices.

The impact of the fall
in the US stock market saw a major fall in the US stock market in Thursday’s trading. The Dow Jones fell by 1,861.82 points or 6.90 percent to 25,128.17 points at the end of trading. Let us know that the US central bank Fed Reserve said that in 2020 the growth of the US economy will be compressed by 6.5 percent and the unemployment rate will be 9.3 percent by the end of the year. With this, the Federal Reserve did not change the interest rates. In the midst of the Corona crisis, the Central Reserve Bank of America has released estimates about the economy of its country. Concerns about the US economy have been expressed in these estimates, while there has been talking of a long time in improving unemployment and GDP figures. After this estimate of the US Fed, there is an atmosphere of panic in the US stock market. Its effect is also visible on the Indian stock market.


Indian stock market is also not untouched
At the beginning of the last trading day of the week, there was a big fall in the Indian stock market. The Sensex was trading below 33 thousand, down by 900 points, while the Nifty was down more than 250 points to 9 thousand 600. During this time, all 30 stocks of the BSE index were on the red mark. That is, all the shares have been sold. Earlier, the Sensex closed at 33,538.37 points, down by 708.68 points or 2.07 percent on Thursday. If you talk about the Nifty, it fell 214.15 points or 2.12 percent to 9,902 points below 10,000 points. Asif Iqbal, head of research at Escort Security, said that on Thursday, the US market saw the biggest decline in three months. At one time the major benchmark index Dow Jones slipped more than 1850 points. At the same time, the S&P 500 dropped 188 points, while the Nasdaq dropped 527 points. He says that after the end of the lockdown, the economy has started opening up all over the world. But this is likely to increase Corona’s case. That is why there are also doubts about economy revival. The market needs more relief packages.

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