Saturday , October 23 2021

If the farmer got buffalo, both claim the claim, now DNA test will decide the owner

Meerut  There are strange tales of thieves in Uttar Pradesh. Once Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan’s case of theft of buffalo in Rampur district becomes a headache for the police, now a case of buffalo theft has come to light in Shamli. The buffalo has been found, but its owners are trying to fix the sweat of the police. This dispute of Buffalo’s decision is not resolved. The farmer claims to have tied his stolen buffalo to Saharanpur’s house. The troubled farmer is describing himself as the owner of the buffalo. He says that the buffalo’s mother, the buffalo, is with me. His DNA test will be decided. The farmer has requested for a DNA test. The farmer has sent a letter to the SP to find out the truth and demanded a DNA test of the buffalo. The video demanding the buffalo’s DNA be made viral.
The buffalo of a farmer, Chandrapal, a resident of Ahmadgarh village of Jhinjhana in western Uttar Pradesh’s Shamli district, was stolen in August 2020 last year.


They reported the theft to the police. Police was assured of buffalo recovery within ten days during that time. Police could not recover the buffalo of the farmer as per the claim and belief. Meanwhile, the farmer has claimed that his buffalo is present at a farmer’s house in village Beanpur in Gangoh in Saharanpur district. Shamli police along with Chandrapal reached village Beenpur in Saharanpur. The police got the buffalo tied but the farmer there told the police his name as Satyaveer and claimed the buffalo to be his own.

The case became interesting when there were two contenders for buffalo. A dispute arose over whose buffalo it was. The head of Beanpur and some villagers began to plead in favor of Satyaveer. Shamli police and farmers returned by force. Now farmer Chandrapal sent a letter to the Superintendent of Police saying that the buffalo’s mother (buffalo) is present at her house. The DNA of the stolen buffalo and his mother should be tested by DNA and find out the truth. The Superintendent of Police informed that the farmer has been called back to the police station.

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