Thursday , October 21 2021

Good News: Last patient of Covid-19 in New Zealand also healthy, no new case of infection in the country

WellingtonNew Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said on Monday that she believes that the country has stopped the spread of infection after the last patient has also recovered from the coronavirus infection. The last case of infection in New Zealand came 17 days ago and since the last week of February, now Monday has become the day when no infected person is undergoing treatment in the country. Ardern told a news conference that New Zealand has examined 40,000 people in the last 17 days and no one has been in the hospital for the last 12 days. He said that the cabinet has given consent to the second phase of opening the country from midnight.

He said, “We believe that for the present time we have eradicated the transmission of the virus in New Zealand and this eradication is not a single point but a continuous effort.” He said that there will definitely be cases again but this will not be a sign of failure, this is the reality of this virus, but we have to be fully prepared. Experts say that there are many reasons behind the end of infection from this country with a population of 50 lakhs. Being located in the South Pacific, this country got an opportunity to see how this transition spread to other countries and Ardern quickly stepped in and implemented strict bandh rules at the beginning of the transition and the country’s borders Also stopped. Only 1,500 people were infected in New Zealand, of which 22 people died.

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