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The first marriage in lockdown, bride Raja caught while doing second in unlock

Sitapur: Preparing to take a young man to a marriage procession in Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh, was overwhelming when the first wife reached the police station and told her an emergency before going to the procession and reached the husband’s house with the police. The relatives preparing to go to the procession were shocked to see the police.

The police arrested the groom and brought him and his first wife to the police station. After the mutual agreement between the families, the police got the two married at the nearby Sun Temple and sent back home. On the other hand, when the woman’s family was preparing to welcome the procession, they were shocked when they received this information.

The first marriage was arranged in lockdownthis is the case of the village Kajiarpur of Hargaon police station area of ​​Sitapur. Vimal Raj, son of Sadanand, a resident here, lived in Mumbai and worked in a building company. While working, Vimal got married to a young woman named Kajal and both started working there.

When the lockdown took place due to the global epidemic corona, Vimal took his wife Kajal to his village three weeks ago due to work there. According to the victim Kajal, Vimal did not take her home and left her at uncle’s house. Seeing Vimal there, the family decided to marry him to Lakhimpur.

Tilak had been done, but the inking
Tilak and the marriage to the first wife were fixed on June 19 and 20, so seeing the date, Vimal came to Lakhimpur with his aunt and asked him to come and take her after a few days. Vimal returned and got ready for his wedding and the Tilak ceremony took place on Friday.

Last Saturday, Vimal was making all preparations to take the procession, when the first wife Kajal got the idea of ​​the second marriage and she rushed to Hargaon in a hurry and told the whole story to the police.

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