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Entertainment: What did Priyanka Chopra say about monopoly in Bollywood? Targeting ‘special people’

Priyanka Chopra Jonas, while talking about Monopoly in Bollywood, told how things have changed after the arrival of OTT. Priyanka says that the industry was earlier in the hands of some special people. Priyanka Chopra Jonas attended a virtual event on Tuesday. During this, she said many things about Bollywood and the film industry. Priyanka told how the OTT platform has transformed the system of Bollywood and the film industry into a democratic system and has given newcomers a chance to show their talent.

Monopoly ending like this

Priyanka Chopra, while focusing the attention of the people, said that the OTT platform is eliminating monopoly in the Bollywood film industry, otherwise, the film industry was a puppet in the hands of certain people. Priyanka said, ‘It is great, it is giving new people, new writers, new actors, new filmmakers a chance to come forward in the industry, which earlier had become a victim of the monopoly of certain people. This is a good time for the growth of Indian cinema.

Now the formula has changed

Priyanka Chopra also emphasized the formula of Bollywood in an event. He said, ‘In Indian cinema, you can see how OTT is giving people an opportunity to put forward big ideas. Earlier there was no such formula and such subjects were not easily put forward. Earlier there used to be five songs, fight scenes in films, which are no longer there. Now people want to tell real and true stories. It makes people feel connected.

Priyanka told her wish

Priyanka Chopra further said, ‘I have been one of the very few people who have had the privilege of being a part of two of the biggest entertainment industries in the world. My wish is that the people of South Asia should make their mark outside South Asia as well.

Was seen in this film

Let me tell you, Priyanka Chopra was last seen in the film ‘White Tiger’. Priyanka was in London for a long time, she has returned to America in the past. Due to Corona, she was in London with her family.

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